These authors, literary scholars, translators and critics will present one to two readings and/or join conver­sations and panel discussions at the 28th Leukerbad International Literary Festival:

Tash Aw, Malaysia
Ibtisam Azem, Palestine
James Baldwin, USA (1924–1987)
Stephanie Bart, Germany
Joanna Bator, Poland
Maxim Biller, Germany
Dean Bowen, Netherlands
Teju Cole, USA
Joseph Croitoru, Germany
Diedrich Diederichsen, Germany
Viktor Erofeyev, Russia
Logan February, Nigeria
Christian Filips, Germany
John Giorno, USA (1936–2019)
Rebecca Gisler, Switzerland
Mina Hava, Switzerland
Rolf Hermann, Switzerland
Thomas Hettche, Germany
Sasha Huber, Switzerland
Saïd Khatibi, Algeria
Svenja Leiber, Germany
Douna Loup, Switzerland
Jakub Małecki, Poland
Miriam Mandelkow, Germany
Barbi Marković, Austria
Wilfried Meichtry, Switzerland
Terézia Mora, Germany/Hungary
Sayaka Murata, Japan
Ronya Othmann, Germany
Johny Pitts, Great Britain
Anna Prizkau, Germany
Rebekka Salm, Switzerland
Karl Schlögel, Germany
Lorena Simmel, Switzerland
Michelle Steinbeck, Switzerland
Marlene Streeruwitz, Austria
Anne Weber, Germany
Peter Weber, Switzerland
Stefan Weidner, Germany
Levin Westermann, Switzerland
Frank Witzel, Germany
Steven Wyss, Switzerland


Tash Aw, Maxim Biller, Svenja Leiber, Jakub Małecki, Anna Prizkau, Karl Schlögel and Stefan Weidner unfortunately had to cancel their participation in the festival at short notice for compelling reasons.
Some of the cancellations reached us after the detailed program went to press (as of 6.12.). The reading by Tash Aw on Friday evening at 8 pm has been canceled. Instead, Sayaka Murata will be reading at 8 pm (instead of 4 pm) in the James Baldwin tent. The panel discussions with Svenja Leiber and Stefan Weidner will take place without her as planned.

29th Leukerbad International Literary Festival: 6.27.–29.2025