Stefan Weidner


Stefan Weidner

Stefan Weidner was born in Cologne in 1967. He studied Islamic Studies, philosophy and German literature in Göttingen, Damascus, Berkeley, and Bonn. He currently lives as a freelance writer, translator, and literary critic in Cologne. As a journalist, he writes for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Deutschlandradio, and the WDR radio station. From 2001 to 2016, Stefan Weidner also worked as the editor in chief of the cultural journal Art & Thought/Fikrun wa Fann—a publication that appears in Arabic, Persian, and English. This journal, published by the Goethe Institute, set up a dialogue between western and Islamic cultures.

Stefan Weidner has also translated and edited numerous works of Arab poetry. In 2007, he received the Johann-Heinrich Voss Prize from the German Academy for Language and Literature for his translations. As an expert on the Arab world and observer of international politics, he published a plea to rethink the world in 2021: Ground Zero: 9/11 und die Geburt der Gegenwart (Ground Zero: 9/11 and the Birth of the Present). In this book, Stefan Weidner posits that the present began on 11 September 2001: namely with the end of the United States of America’s position as the sole world power, Guantanamo, and the confrontation between the West and the Islamic world, the wave of refugees from the wars in the Middle East, and the rise of populism and nationalism.

Ground Zero: 9/11 und die Geburt der Gegenwart. Hanser 2021
1001 Buch. Die Literaturen des Orients. Erschienen in der Edition Converso 2019
Jenseits des Westens: Für ein neues kosmopolitisches Denken. Hanser 2018
Mohammedanische Versuchungen. Ein erzählter Essay. Suhrkamp 2008


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