Rolf Hermann


Rolf Hermann

Born in Valais in 1973, Rolf Hermann works as a freelance writer in Biel. He writes in many genres: spoken word, prose, poetry, radio plays, and theater plays, often in dialect. His writings have been translated into Arabic, English, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, and Hungarian. He is currently on the road, presenting his two new stage programs.
With his poems, Rolf Hermann illuminates the world we live in. Sensuous and tender, confident in form and unmistakable in tone, in his poetry he roams simultaneously through multiple landscapes: that of his memories, that his childhood and adolescence, that of his home region with its narrow valleys and steep cliff-faces, and that of his major literary influence, Rilke, who still influences the atmosphere in the Rhone Valley.
At the Leukerbad Literary Festival, he will present with the students of the OS Leukerbad the results of the writing workshop. And he will bring James Baldwin’s stay in Leukerbad and the essay it occasioned—Stranger in the Village—to life.

In der Nahaufnahme verwildern wir. Gedichte. Der gesunde Menschenverstand 2021
Eine Kuh namens Manhatten. edition spoken script 33. Der gesunde Menschenversand 2019
Flüchtiges Zuhause. Erzählungen. Rotpunktverlag 2018


28th Leukerbad International Literary Festival: 6.21.–23.2024