Ariane von Graffenried


Ariane von Graffenried

Ariane von Graffenried was born in Bern in 1978. After studying theater, English literature, and media science, she wrote a doctoral thesis at the University of Bern on the use of documentary films in theater productions. She is a poet and performer and writes for the stage, for radio, and for newspapers as well as works of scholarship. Along with numerous awards and distinctions, she has received stipends and the 2022 Great Literature Prize of the city and canton of Bern.

Von Graffenried’s texts shift from the concrete into the poetic and back again, sometimes in German, sometimes in English, sometimes in dialect. She tells stories about what is secret and hidden, an equally raw and gallant reporter from the demi-monde of the fashionable—a literary beguiler.

In the past twenty years, along with her short stories, lyrical texts and essays, she has above all created many literary works that have not appeared in book form, like the three albums she co-created with Robert Aeberhard as the duo “Fitzgerald & Rimini,” which combine poetry and music, or audiobooks of spoken word texts resulting from the multilingual collaborations “Bern is everywhere” and “Kosovo is everywhere,” along with video clips and literary performances in Switzerland and abroad, solo or together with various authors.

With Robert Aeberhard: 50 Hertz. Mit CD. Der gesunde Menschenversand 2019
Babylon Park. Sprechtexte. Der gesunde Menschenversand 2017
With Martin Bieri: Versteckt – Lucia in Finsterland. Theaterstück. Uraufführung 2023
With Martin Bieri: Das Ende von Schilda. Theaterstück. Uraufführung 2022

Ariane von Graffenried, together with Karl Rühmann, will accompany the Literary Walk on 22 June.


28th Leukerbad International Literary Festival: 6.21.–23.2024