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This year, the CTL and the Literature Festival have invited the author Romain Buffat and the translator Gabriela Zehnder to Leukerbad.

The Centre de traduction littéraire de Lausanne (CTL) was founded in 1989 with to provide a platform for discussion on literary translation while promoting dialogue between theory and practice and among translators. Its field of activity is wide and varied. In addition to conferences and scientific research projects at the University of Lausanne, the CTL organizes public readings with authors and translators from all languages. In awarding the Special Prize for Mediation, which the Federal Office of Culture bestowed on the CTL in 2019, it was said that “the CTL demonstrates the importance of translation and addresses its challenges, its richness and the pleasure it brings.”
The CTL also edits literary translations and theoretical works in translation studies in its own series and collaborates with various Swiss publishers and institutions on translation projects.
The CTL website features news from the various fields of literary translation for young and professional translators (workshop calls, readings, news about the profession) and a database of literary translators in Switzerland.
For over ten years, the Master ès Lettres of the University of Lausanne has offered a Master's program in “Literary Translation” in ten different languages, from German to Urdu, intending to train the next generation of literary translators in Switzerland. Complementing this, the “Programme Gilbert Musy – Master class de traduction littéraire” has since 2018 awarded a scholarship to a world-class translator for the excellence of his or her work. A Master Class and other formats allow for discussion of the craft and art of translation. In fall 2021, Rosie Pinhas-Delpuech, a translator of Hebrew, Turkish, and American fiction, as well as graphic novels and film subtitles, will teach a Master Class on ecology and economics in prose translation. The introduction promises to be exciting: In the beginning was the word... or perhaps the deed?

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