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Carmen Grau was born and grew up in southern Germany, and studied in Rome and Mainz. She holds an interpretation diploma for Italian, English, and French. Since has worked since 1996 as a conference interpreter, mainly in Germany and Switzerland. Since 1997, she has taught consecutive and simultaneous translation at the University of Mainz / FTSK Germersheim. For many years she led, as first chair, the Literature and Musical Association of Germersheim. She regularly interprets at book fairs and literary festivals throughout the world.

Carmen Grau

Michaela Wendt was born in Mexico City, grew up in Germany, and studied acting at the University of Music and Drama Saarbrücken. She has acted at many German and Swiss theatres, most recently on a long-term engagement at the Bern Theatre. She has worked as a narrator in various media and as a reader at all kinds of readings. She has also collaborated with musicians and dancers, has taken part in stage and performance projects, done pedagogical work, and led workshops in writing and communication. Her focus is on art and literature, and she gives literary tours in Swiss art museums. She lives in Bern.

Michaela Wendt

Lars Rudolph was born in 1966 and graduated in 1994 from the Theaterstudio 1992 e.V. in Berlin. Shortly thereafter he began acting in pieces by Christoph Schlingensief, Christoph Marthaler, Sebastian Baumgarten, Frank Castdorf, and others. He is also a film and television actor (Run Lola Run, My Führer, The Edge of Heaven, Draußen in meinem Kopf, and others) and a narrator of audio books and plays.
In 1998 he received the Max Ophüls Prize and the Preis der deutschen Filmkritik for Not a Love Song. He was given the award for best actor at the 2000 Angers Film Festival for his performance in Brighter Than the Moon, as well as at the 2005 Angers Film Festival for Les Yeux clairs. In 2017 he was awarded the German Audio Book Prize for his recording of Heinrich Strunk’s The Golden Glove.

Lars Rudolph

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