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The Center for Literary Translation in Lausanne (CTL) was founded in 1989 with the aim of offering a platform for conversation about literary translation and for dialogue between theory and practice as well as between translators. Its field of activity is broad and multi-faceted: in addition to seminars, conferences, and scholarly research projects at the University of Lausanne, the CTL organizes readings with authors and translators of all languages.
The CTL also publishes a series of literary translations and theoretical works from the field of translation studies. In addition, the center collaborates on translation projects with various Swiss publishing houses and institutions.
News from all areas of literary translation for emerging and professional translators—workshop registrations, readings, recent developments in the profession—can be found on the CTL website. A database of literary translators in Switzerland is also available on the site.
Since September 2011, the University of Lausanne has offered a Masters Degree program in literary translation with ten languages ranging from German to Urdu with the goal of training new and emerging literary translators in Switzerland. Since 2018 the ‘Gilbert Musy Program—Master Class in literary translation’ has honored a world-class translator for the outstanding quality of their work with a fellowship and the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to younger generations in the form of a master class.
In 2019, the CTL was honored, together with Translation House Looren, for its 30 years supporting literary translation with the Federal Office of Culture’s Special Prize for Promotion: The CTL makes “the frequently misunderstood and ignored art of translation visible—both for those directly involved in making literature and for researchers, students, and a wide public, thanks to a rich program of lectures, exchange, education, and publication. The CTL shows the importance of translation and engages with its challenges, its richness, and the joy it brings.”

This year, the CTL in partnership with the Leukerbad Literary Festival, has invited Elisa Shua Dusapin and her translator Andreas Jandl to take part in the festival.


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