Literary Walk

Thursday, 27.6.2019
Meeting point: 9:15 am at the Leuk train station
(deposit luggage)

On the Thursday before the festival, we invite you to join Tanja Maljartschuk, Christian Uetz, and a nature park guide on a hike from Erschmatt to Leuk, without any burdens, as we will organize the transfer of your luggage from Leuk to Leukerbad.

We will start in the rye village of Erschmatt, where we’ll see old buildings, the Botanic Reserve, and a special glacial erratic. At noon, Arnold Steiner will play the carillon—a traditional set of four bells in the church tower. After lunch at the Erschmatt Restaurant Roggenstube we’ll hike along the old road to “Ho Briggu,” and then via Brentjong with its satellite ground station to the town of Leuk, where we’ll board the bus for Leukerbad at the end of the afternoon.

Walk: 8 km, 170 m ascent, 750 m descent, total walking time 2 hours 15 minutes
Participation fee: CHF 70.
Fee includes lunch and luggage transport from the Leuk train station to Leukerbad

Register online or directly at

«Einen schweren Schuh hatte ich gewählt...»
Lesen und Wandern rund um Leukerbad.
(I chose a heavy shoe:
Reading and walking in and around Leukerbad)
Edited by Hans Ruprecht
Dörlemann Verlag 2013
CHF 33.50 (UVP)

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