Insect Drawings and Woodcuts

Christian Thanhäuser — Insect Drawings and Woodcuts “...Christian Thanhäuser can carve flowing water from soft wood and carve landscapes that are spirits from hard wood, just as he can draw hills, behind which lies the very valley one wants to wander through; yet I know from personal experience that pictures speak for themselves, you can hear them on the walls, in books, on wood and paper. Listen to them speak, I will, too.”
Raphael Urweider

CHRISTIAN THANHÄUSER in conversation with

CHRISTIAN THANHÄUSER was born in Linz in 1956. He is a draftsman, woodcarver, and publisher in Ottensheim an der Donau. He has had solo exhibitions in Albania, China, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, and Hungary.
He has illustrated books for Matthes & Seitz, including Jean-Henri Fabre’s ten-volume study of insects and he has illustrated ‘The Pond’ and ‘The Walk’ by Robert Walser for the Insel Bücherei. Edition Thanhäuser’s latest publications are a collection of short stories by Jaroslav Rudiš and two collections of poetry by ESTHER KINSKY.

Anyone who grows up on a river, knows how to interact with it. He learns how to swim in the reverse current, how to read river maps, and practices drawing swarms of mosquitos.
After these disappear, his gaze is increasingly drawn to insects preserved in amber or those remaining in impaled wine containers that have not found their way back to Daniel Spoerri’s Giardino.
These wine containers are visible in the background of the photographs in front of the ink wash paintings on shoji paper that will be shown in Leukerbad.

An exhibition of ink wash paintings and woodcuts will be shown in the Galerie St. Laurent and in the Alter Bahnhof during the festival.

Current exhibition:
“Zerrissene Landschaften” (“Torn Landscape”)
Literaturmuseum in the Stifterhaus in Linz
until 9/2/2018

Woodcuts and drawings related to the two places where Karl Kraus occasionally went for rest: Theirfehd in Glarus and the park of Janowitz Castle in Bohemia.



24th Leukerbad International Literary Festival
28 to 30 June 2019