Literature vending machine as a guest

Literature vending machine as a guest

The literature vending machine will appear in various locations in Leukerbad during the festival.

On the fringes of Basel’s literary scene, literature vending machines have been installed for the past five or six years, discarded cigarette machines in whose shafts are boxes of poetry and prose texts on small cards. Based on the specific card format as a form of publication, the project is dedicated primarily to poetry and short prose texts. It sees itself as a mediating instance to disseminate secret, hermetic and solitary literature in public space. The focus is thus on short texts. The unusual format allows both writers and readers to discover new facets of literature. Authors are either encouraged to send in texts on specific topics through calls for submissions or are solicited by the association. The Verein Literaturautomat (Literaturautomat association) also organizes writing workshops.

The vending machines are installed in the Literaturhaus and at various locations in the city. In addition to well-known writers, also offer younger and unknown authors the opportunity to present their texts to the public in a low-threshold manner. For the past year, the association has had a mobile vending machine, which can also travel long distances and will visit the Leukerbad Literature Festival in June.

In the boxes to be pulled, new texts meet old printing techniques based on manual work according to Gutenberg’s black art rules. Let yourself be surprised and enchanted by the mechanics and the contents of the boxes.

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26th Leukerbad International Literary Festival
24 to 26 June 2022