Homage to H.C. Artmann

Emily Artmann, Christian Thanhäuser
and Raphael Urweider

god am i glad it’s my birthday
the day woke me up like a turmoil

H.C. Artmann

On June 12, 2021, the Austrian poet H.C. Artmann (1921–2000) would have turned one hundred years old. His life and work were very extraordinary for the so-called post-war period. He influenced and still influences many writers today and yet is hardly known. In 1996, H.C. Artmann was a guest at the 1st International Literature Festival Leukerbad.

Publisher Christian Thanhäuser, who founded his own hand-press workshop, Edition Thanhäuser, in 1989 at the suggestion of H.C. Artmann (thanhaeuser.at), will join Emily Artmann and Raphael Urweider in commemorating H.C. and jointly presenting some of his favorite texts.

H.C. Artmann around 1980 in Vomper Loch

H.C. Artmann around 1980 in Vomper Loch

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