CARMEN GRAU was born and grew up in southern Germany. She studied in Rome and Mainz. She earned a degree in diplomatic interpreting in Italian, Englisch, and French. Since 1996, she is a freelance interpreter, primarily for conferences in Germany and Switzerland. Since 1997, she has taught consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at the University of Mainz/FTSK Germersheim. She has served for many years as Chair of the Literature and Music Association in Germersheim. She interprets regularly at book fairs and literature festivals around the world.

ARIELA SARBACHER was born in Zürich in 1965. She was trained at the Schauspielakademie Zürich and performed until 1995 in Germany at the Stadttheater Heidelberg and the Bremer Shakespeare Company. In Zurich in 2002, she founded the EINFLUSS school ( based on her method of presence-training. She works as an actress and voice actress for the Swiss Library for the Blind and Visually impaired, among other organizations. Since 2017 she has been pursuing a degree in creative writing.

THOMAS SARBACHER works as an actor in Germany and Switzerland. After years in the ensemble of the Bremer Shakespeare Company, he performed in theaters in Konstanz, Zürich and Hamburg. He also worked for film and television, becoming known to a broad public. Today he often performs at readings and records audio books for The Swiss Library for the Blind and the Visually Impaired. He also develops theater productions that he stages in Zürich. In the Theater Winkelwiese he leads the ‘Sarbacher Reading’ series and leads the ‘Sarbacher Reads World Literature Classics’ reading series in the Literature House in Basel.


24th Leukerbad International Literary Festival
28 to 30 June 2019