Omri Boehm


Omri Boehm

Born in 1979, Omri Boehm is Associate Professor für Philosophie in New York and lives in the USA. An Israeli and American citizen, he has done research in Munich and Berlin, among other places. According to his own description, he was shaped by a Jewish grandmother with a German education and a tradition-bound Iranian Jewish grandfather. Boehm grew up in Israel and did his military service with the intelligence services. He studied at the University of Tel Aviv, and at other institutions, and completed his doctoral studies on Kant’s critique of Spinoza in the Yale University Philosophy Department in 2009. A post-doctoral position took him to the University of Munich. Since 2010, he has taught at the New School for Social Research in New York City. He has written on Baruch de Spinoza, René Descartes, and Immanuel Kant. Boehm also writes about Israel, politics, and philosophy for Haaretz, Die Zeit, and The New York Times. Propyläen Press has published German translations of his works Israel—a Utopia and Radical Universalism. Beyond Identity.

On Omri Boehm’s most recent book, Radical Universalism. Beyond Identity, Jens-Christian Rabe wrote in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “The liberals, along with their most famous theoreticians from John Dewey and John Rawls to Richard Rorthy and Mark Lilla, pay homage to a ‘false’ individualism that is fixated only on individual rights. The ‘identarian left’ have more in common with this false universalism than they will admit. With their particular focus on identity, they are contributing in their own fashion to the ‘destruction of the concept of humanity.’”

Radikaler Universalismus. Jenseits von Identität. Aus dem Englischen von Michael Adrian. Propyläen 2022. Im Herbst als TB bei Ullstein.
Israel – eine Utopie. Aus dem Englischen von Michael Adrian. Propyläen 2020


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