Nancy Hünger


Nancy Hünger

Born in 1981, Nancy Hünger studied fine art at the Bauhaus University in Weimar before dedicating herself entirely to literature. She made her debut in 2006 with the poetry collection Aus blassen Fasern Wirklichkeit (From Pale Threads of Reality). Her collection of poetry and short prose poems Deshalb die Vögel. Instabile Texte (Thus the Birds: Unstable Texts) followed in 2009. Several more works were published by Edition AZUR, as were her first two books. Nancy Hünger was awarded several stipends, including residencies as “City Writer” in Jena and Tübingen. She currently lives in Tübingen, where she directs the Literature and Theater Studio of the Eberhard Karls University.

Her most recent publication is an essay on the German writer Wolfgang Hilbig, titled Abwesenheit. Über Wolfgang Hilbig (Absence. On Wolfgang Hilbig), in which Nancy Hünger traces the concept of absence in Hilbig’s work. “This is an attempt to work my way through the collected absences down to the source of poetry, the locus of absence,” Nancy Hünger writes of her fascination with Hilbig.

According to Lyrikline: “Nancy Hünger’s texts, which are ‘woven from sound and air’ center on the old, missed stories and the ‘great unbearable solitude.’” (Gisela Kraft) Here, the devil sorts his ropes behind milk glass while a cayman gets lost in the Thuringian canals/sewers and gold dissolves//flitters into Russian pear schnaps.

Abwesenheit. Über Wolfgang Hilbig. Essay. Das Wunderhorn 2022
Deshalb die Vögel. Instabile Texte. Gedichte und Prosaskizzen. Edition AZUR 2009
Aus blassen Fasern Wirklichkeit. Gedichte. Edition AZUR 2006


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