Jérôme Meizoz


Jérôme Meizoz

Jérôme Meizoz was born in Vernayaz (Valais) in 1967 and lives in Lausanne. He is a writer and associate professor of French literature at the University of Lausanne. He has taught at the Universities of Zürich, Geneva, Metz, and at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS Paris). His first novel Morts ou Vif (Dead or Alive, 1999) was chosen as “Buch der Schillerstiftung Schweiz 2000” (Schiller Foundation Switzerland Book of the Year). Meizoz collaborates on various theater projects and regularly offers writing workshops. He writes novels, literary essays, and criticism (Domaine public, Journal de Genève, Le Temps, Le Courrier, La Cité). In 2005, he was awarded the Alker-Pawelke Prize of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. Along with his literary writing, he contributes to numerous journals in Switzerland (Écriture, Revue de Belles-Lettres, Le Passe Muraille, La Couleur des jours) and in France (Europe, Le Matricule des Anges, remue.net). His texts have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, and Romanian. For his novel Hoch oben im Tal der Wölfe (High Up in the Valley of the Wolves), Meizoz was awarded a Swiss Literature Prize in 2018. The novel was also praised by swissinfo:High Up in the Valley of the Wolves is a filigreed denunciation of real estate speculation in Valais, as Chappaz also offered in the past in his writing. The militant spirit that Meizoz shares with Chappaz is one he inherited.”

Den Jungen machen. Roman. Aus dem Französischen von Corinna Popp. Elster 2018
Hoch oben im Tal der Wölfe. Roman. Aus dem Französischen von Andreas Grosz. Die Brotsuppe 2017
Gemeinsam mit Alberto Nessi: Storie di paese/Histoires de village. Lyrik. Editions Empreintes 2022

Together with Rolf Hermann, Abigail Seran and Céline Zufferey, Jérôme Meizoz will take a “look into the valley” and report on the daily life of a Valais writer on the language border.


28th Leukerbad International Literary Festival: 6.21.–23.2024